Everyone in the trading circles always talks about what one should have.. but do you know what one shouldn’t have?

The positive mindset, the right strategy, right trading plan, right association, right risk reward ratio can put your trading on a FastTrack mode. But today we are going to talk about one of the elements that is detrimental to trading and is very difficult to catch as it has become a part of your routine.

Lack mindset could be a behavioral pattern for some but for most it gets triggered by an event that is strongly attached to their belief system.

How to decipher thoughts related to the lack mindset?

Have you ever had these thoughts?

· I am busy always and have no time for myself.

· I don’t have time at all to enjoy.

· I don’t have money at all.

· People don’t love me.

· I always get the wrong bargain.

· I was always unlucky.

· If I was born in that family I would have been………..

· If only my husband/Wife/Mother in law/Father in law was like this…….

· If only people/boss/co-worker understood my worth.

· If only my family appreciated me a little more……

· I do so much but I still don’t get gratitude………….

· Everything and everyone are conspiring against me

· I have reached the limit of what I can achieve

· I don’t want to try anything new as I might not do well…….

Then clearly you have been seeing the signs.

But how can this sabotage your trading?

People with scarcity mindset believe in scarcity of resources, love and opportunities all around. If person A wins the n person B has to lose. There is not enough in the world for everyone to be successful. This also is a direct impact of the education system that ranks people based on performance where people are pitched against each other.

This ,when it translates to trading makes it feel like a competition. Your strategies never work, the minute you exit a strategy as you think it is making losses it starts making money, you keep hopping to different people for the right strategy and keep blaming the strategies for poor performance.

All strategies work for everyone provided you have the rules right and have implemented it right and follow it consistently for the period you have set it up for. If you follow the rules some day and do not follow it some day it just means that you have a different strategy. The rules are integral to the strategy.

How do you come out of this lack mindset?

Choice: Every action you have taken including in Trading is your choice. Accept your choice. If you have traded based on calls and incurred losses it is the choice you made. So is with any learning that you have ever implemented. Stop blaming others. If you are busy, it is a choice you made to prioritize certain work.

Focus: Focus on what is going well. Focus on your wins. On what makes you smile, what makes you laugh and the work you love.

Stop comparing yourself to others: That has to do with your friends down the street, your siblings to your business competition. To especially those who are at Z while you are at A

Catch: Reframe your thoughts that are not supportive to you.

Life Purpose : Everyday keep taking a step towards your life purpose and that will bring you immense joy.

PRACTICE GRATITUDE: Most of us know it’s important to express thanks to the people who help us, or silently acknowledge the things we are grateful for in life. There are those who maintain a journal. But, what makes the gratitude successful is “how you practice it?”

Notice the thank you’s you say. Just how much of a habitual response is it? Is it a hasty aside, an afterthought? How are you feeling when you express thanks in small transactions? Stressed, uptight, a little absent-minded? Do a quick scan of your body—are you already physically moving on to your next interaction?

Pick one interaction everyday – When your instinct to say “thanks” arises, stop for a moment and take note. Can you name what you feel grateful for, even beyond the gesture that’s been extended? Then say thank you.


Life will never go as planned and change is inevitable. As we progress with life, give yourself 10 mins everyday before you hit the bed to think “Have I done all in my power to stay on that road?” in no time you will see yourself walking towards the Abundant mindset.

Like everything else in life that is worth keeping, an Abundant mindset makes first to my list of such things and it takes a lot of practice. I love letting people know that each day is an opportunity to progress a little in that direction as Iam doing.

“Remember what you have now is what you always wanted. We create our own unhappiness by obsessing over Money, Career, Progress, Social Status and appreciation. We forget what we now have is what we desired either at a conscious or sub-conscious level. With time and focused effort we can achieve what we want and also be grateful for what we have received in our lives so far.”