The Complete Trader

The End to End of your Stock Market Learning for Trading and Investing to help manage your money in the stock market as a Business

Welcome to our Complete Trader training program

  •  A comprehensive and practical approach to mastering the art of trading. 
  • Gain the financial knowledge and tools to become a               successful trader to achieve your financial goals.
  • Learn with a community of Traders who share your passion for trading and are committed to their Individual and group success
  • Take your Trading to the next level of performance
  •  Gain deeper insights on how markets move, define your trading vision and understand all that you need to trade successfully
  • Balance your portfolio

Why should I take control over Financial Future Now?

What are the different styles of Trading covered?

Technical Mastery

Basics​, Candle Sticks​, Dow Theory, Support & Resistance, Lines & Channels, Volumes, Fibonacci,
Traps, Windows, CIP​, Timeframe Study​, RSI​, ADX​
Bollinger Bands​, Averages​, Other Indicators​, Patterns​

Building a Predictive Framework

An Objective Approach to price projections​

Advanced Trend Trader

RTT Mastery, Index Mastery, Stock Mastery, Commodity Mastery, SMA Mastery, EMA Mastery, DC Mastery, Breakout Mastery, Trendline Mastery

25 Trading Systems

Ability to deploy 100+ Crore Capital

Options 5X

Option Basics​, Types of Options​, Essentials of Options​, Moneyness of Options​, Premium Values (Intrinsic & Time), Concept of Time Decay​, Basics of Greeks​, Options Trading Matrix​, Options Trading Mindset​, Basic & Intermediate Trading Strategies​, Using Technical for Options Trading​, Options Trading with Candle Sticks​, Advanced Concepts​, Open Interest​, OI vs Volume Analysis​, OI Analysis & Interpretation​, Implied Volatility​, India ViX and interpretation​, Options Chain​, PCR​, Max Pain​, Greeks Deep Dive​, Position Greeks​, Payoff Charts​

Practicing with Volatility, Implied vs Historical Volatility, Strategy Types, Strategy Promotion, Adaption to ATR, Non-Directional Strategies, Directional Strategies, Options Execution Model, Strategy Morphing, Trade Setups, Trade Execution & Management, Trade Adjustments, Live Trading Sessions, Options Calculator, Open Ended Strategies, Close Ended Strategies, Multi leg Strategies, Advanced Trading Matrix, Creating Regular Income, Portfolio Protection, Options Trend Trending in BNF, Options Buying Guidelines, Trading Discipline, Emotions in Trading

Predictive & Intra-Day Trading​

Operationalising Technicals, Operationalising Indicators,RSI, Bollinger Band, ADX, Averages, Emotional Phases in Predictive Trading, Trading Plan Concepts, Personal Traits Rules, Trading System, Types of Trading, Journaling,Candle Stick Strategies, Executing CS Trades, Intra-Day Strategies, Executing ID Trades

Swing & Positional Strategies, Executing S & P Trades, Market & Scrip Analysis with Top-Down Approach, Understanding Predictive Framework,Operationalising Predictive Framework

E2E Analysis & Investing​

Analysis Market, Sector, Industry, Scrip / Stock, Commodities, Currency

Fundamentals ,All about fundamental analysis, Using Ratios, Interpretation, Implementing

Economics & Inter-Market, Understanding the economic aspects to Trading & Investing

Investing Stock selection, Evaluation, Investing, Managing your portfolio

Why Us ?

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our program covers a wide range of trading topics, from basic concepts to advanced strategies.

Practical Approach

Practical approach and real-world trading techniques that you can apply immediately in the markets. 

Flexible Learning

Our learning is a combination of  both live and online self learning that enables you to learn from the comfort of your home.

Student Community

We hold our community of Traders together so you can constantly surrounded by a like minded association

Rule Based

Most of our Strategies are rule based with specific rules that cater to Risk Management and hence easy to implement.

Designed for Ease

Learning is tailored to suit individual preferences, ensuring comprehension and effective application.

Simplified Learning

The learning has been broken into easily consumable smaller modules and simplified using accelerated learning methods 

Lifelong Association

As a trading tribe member learning with us you remain associated for life based on the program you have opted for.

Specifically Curated

Handholding and Content Delivery with a combination of LIVE Classes and recorded content to Maximise Learning 

Upsides and Downsides

Make Goals into Reality

Trading presents an opportunity to transform your ambitious financial aspirations into tangible reality

Risk of Loss

Trading involves significant risk, but strong risk management rules can help protect your investment from total loss.

Flexibility in life

Trading allows you to work from anywhere and at any time, providing you with more flexibility in your life.


Trading can be emotionally taxing, particularly during gains or losses, underscoring the ongoing importance of developing a mindset.

Choose your Style

Trading offers learning opportunities about markets, instruments, and economic events, with the freedom to choose your trading style.

Support & Motivation

Successful trading requires a certain level of skill and knowledge, which can take time and effort to acquire on your own


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