Would you like to be a full-time trader or have a full-time income from trading?

I constantly come across learners and traders wanting to be full time traders. Many of them aspire to be full time traders. What does full time trading really mean? This needs to be examined in a bit more depth to understand clearly. 

Trading in stock markets entails few things like:

  • Learning how to trade
  • Analysis of the market
  • Capital
  • Infrastructure
  • Stockbroker selection
  • Software / Platform
  • Expected return

All these are the first basics before getting into trading in stock market. Considering all of this is ascertained and figured out, the question to ask oneself is “should I be a full-time trader? Or should the question be “how to get full time trading income?”. Asking the right question is particularly important for seeking the right answer. Most of them who learn trading have an intention of becoming a full-time trader. What do they mean by full time trader? Most of them mean that they would like to spend all their available time in trading, sitting in front of the compute screen, watch the price ticking, take many trades in a day and be right in the middle of all the action happening in the markets.

Would all of this entice you? If this is what you are expecting, you can get all this very easily. It really does not take much effort to achieve this. One can transition from a full-time worker or entrepreneur to a full-time trader, doing this only addresses the quantum of work and quantum of time spent in the markets. It only means that you spend your entire day in front of your machine. How different is that from what you are otherwise doing in your other work? Have you ever asked why should trading also be laborious requiring long hours of work?

Rather, how would it be if you can get full time income from trading but don’t have to be a full-time trader? “How can you get full time income from trading?” Have you tried asking this question? Isn’t that smarter?!! You may wonder how can it be possible to get full time income from trading if you are not a full time trader.

Our minds have been conditioned over many generations to believe that one must work hard rather very hard entire day to make money. With this belief deeply ingrained, one would hear many around us use the term “hard working” and this is considered a good virtue for one to have. Let’s for a minute look at the nature and ask, “does the nature work hard?”.  After sowing a seed, do you have to work hard to get the plant grow? Do you have to daily pull it up from the ground? Absolutely not. Nature is simple and easy. And so can be stock trading. We DO NOT have to be full time traders but still make full time income from the stock markets. If you are thinking its only theory, easy said than done, let me tell you, you are up for a surprise. All it takes is just 15 mins in a day to make your full-time income from trading. I have been doing this for many years, our Trade2Transform trading tribe community is doing this, and our team is doing this every single day. Its indeed possible!

So, what is required to be done to move from being a full-time trader to getting full-time trading income without spending full-time in the markets? Here you go….

  • Get on to Trend following
  • Learn or build a trading system
  • Follow the market
  • Overcome the myth of hard working
  • Surround yourself with similar people

Do not be a full-time trader!!!  Make full- time income from trading.  Join the tribe.