Love Mindset

Are You Trading With Love Frequency? Does Love need a reason?

Love definitely needs the presence of an external environment, so does any emotion. But what it does not need is a justification.

If you google Love, it says – Love is great interest and pleasure in something. An Intense feeling of deep affection.


So, what does it mean to Love?

Love is the highest form of energy. Energy for every emotion vibrates at different frequencies. Love vibrates at the highest of the emotion. It is the same frequency that the nature vibrates at in its perfect state. So, when you love, your life takes a positive quality. When one is intensely involved with something, your thoughts, feeling and actions are unidirectional focused at doing the activity and the outcome of that is the enjoyment. Let us understand this with an example of cycling – as a child you wanted to cycle and your love to cycle took you to learn cycling in a uni-focused way and the outcome of it was, you learnt cycling and you immensely enjoyed the freedom attached to it.

Unfortunately, today we have mixed up fulfilling our needs, wants and desires as love. We think we love the outcome of an activity which is actually fulfilling one need in us. For instance, if one is in a relationship because it gives comfort, it is the emotional need you cater to. Likewise, if you are invested in a particular business because that business gives the maximum return then again you are fulfilling your physical or emotional needs. That in no ways is your love for that relationship or that business. That means you are operating out of the fear frequency. A frequency where if a certain need is not fulfilled it would seem incomplete.

Then, what is Love?

To me, I would describe love as a verb where an action is involved. It is a process of doing something with great involvement, an involvement so big that the results don’t matter. Why because, your love for a certain activity increase the frequency of your energy / vibrations and higher the frequency, the lighter you feel in your physical, mental and emotional plane.

In the instance of cycling, when you are learning cycling you are not disturbed by a fall or two, you simply go on.


So, should you love stock trading?

Stock Trading is just a tool / means. Yes, if you want to love the tool you may do so. Even when you cycled you may have loved the colour, make, brand of your cycle and admired it, but what you loved most about cycling was the freedom you attached to it. When you fall in love with Stock Trading, it is the value, potential and the freedom that it has, the power to endow by simply practicing Trading. And when you love something, small failures are a part of the process. You need to get up brush it off and proceed.

Your love frequencies make your emotions easy to deal with. It is time to evaluate if you are operating out of the love frequency or the fear frequency. Whichever you feed more wins.

Now, what can you do to increase your love frequency and start operating out of love in all aspects and especially when it comes to Stock Trading:

Like you would forgive those whom you love for their mistakes (your child’s mistakes), start forgiving yourself for your mistakes that you make while trading.

 You accept the person you love totally as they are with all their baggage, similarly accept Stock Trading in its totality, it involves accepting both profits and losses.

 When you are in love, you are ready to do all that it takes to win your love. Get on to do all that it takes to be a better trader – learn, practice and learn again.
Love unconditionally without any expectation – As a trader this character can be price less, trade with detachment and leave the results to the market.

Practice Meditation.

Come, Fall in Love.