A Professional Stock Market Trader and a Passionate Trainer
Your wealth generation journey starts with us. Learn the trend following system of stock trading, get trained by the expert.


 3 hour seminar to reveal 3 secrets to become a profitable trader.

Advanced Trend Trader

3 days workshop on Advanced Trend Trading strategies coupled with online courses.

Ride the Trend

Three full-day workshops on mastering trend trading strategy.

Options 5X

3 days workshop on Option Strategies coupled with online courses.

Who are we?

Jitendra B Gopalakrishna

He is a Chartered Accountant with over 20+ years of experience in Trading, Training, Money Management, Finance, Consulting, and IT Industry.

He is an Internationally Certified Trainer.

He is an author of the upcoming book 15 MINUTES TO ABUNDANCE in which he has shared all his experience in the stock market, unconventional methods of making wealth from stock market and principles of living in abundance.

He is passionate about training & coaching people in achieving their financial freedom and creating wealth through trading in stock markets.

His Freedom Lifestyle allows him to pursue other interests in Digital Outsourcing. Yoga, Meditation and Healing

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Pallavi Nagaraj
CA & CS, Working in IT Industry

I attended the Ride to Trend Program in March 2019. Until then I had never traded in my life. Though I came from Finance background, my myths about stock market was just the same as any other person.
Once I attended the workshop, I realized that Trading is not a Myth, it’s a pure Science which anyone can learn & trade. The best part about this is that it just takes 15 mins.
I have traded for the last four months after attending the workshop and have made 100% on my margin money invested which is phenomenal.