How many of you think that, If I am a good person I have to give more?

We have grown up with values that tell us that our hand should always and always be that of giving hand. Does it mean receiving is not good? Or is receiving not as important as giving?


Without any ambiguity we all agree that it’s impossible to give something if I do not have it in the first place. And to have it, I should have received it in the first place by some means. Isn’t this the basis of giving?


While we give and also receive, it’s important to understand the different emotions that we go through in this span of this receiving and giving. 

Gratitude combined with immense guilt is one of the basic emotions that people normally go through while receiving. Gratitude for having received and at the same time with a lot of self-doubt as to whether they deserve it and how ever are they going to repay and how much. They overthink this so much that what they have received becomes less important and how they should give back becomes the priority.

When they are giving back the emotion of gratitude and pride takes over, even though they might be doing a selfless act at times the fact that “they are able to do so” and the fact that “they” are doing it predominantly takes over the mind.

So, what happens if you receive and give with these emotions?


When you receive anything with guilt it never truly becomes yours and tomorrow when you give out of that part of what you received it doesn’t have any impact or you may end up losing it completely as well. Also, when you give with pride you end up giving a part of your energies more than that you have received thus creating an imbalance in one’s energy balance sheet.


If you notice around you, a lot of good people seem to have the maximum suffering, either they have health issues or money issues and the problems seems to be erupting one after the other without stopping.The main causes of their misery is the imbalanced energy balance sheet.

So how do you deal with the imbalanced energy balance or the Receiving and Giving?


Before we explore an answer to this question let us explore Which is more important Receiving or Giving?


Let’s consider a situation that one is born into a wealthy family, he/she receives good education,values and that in turn also governs what he/she may do in their life. If you observe here, its clear that we as human beings are only a medium for gaining some experience and passing on some message / experience to fellow human beings. Everything else, the scenario, the situation is endowed on you basis the Law of Karma. There is nothing but for you to receive them as your experience. Few things are subconsciously programmed for us to receive, like the family you are born into, the friends that we get, the family that we grow, the relatives that we get. But as we grow up we start to get conditioned that we have to work hard to get / receive. Have you ever known people who have done very well on wealth creation without much of an effort? They are not qualified as much as you are and they are not hard working as much as you do, but they constantly keep accumulating and getting. How??!!

They are just extremely good at RECEIVING.


So, you can notice that what you have today is all a factor of how good a Receiver you are. While this is one aspect, the Giving is the other aspect. Both Giving and Receiving are two sides of the same coin.


When one gives, they create a space inside that makes more to flow into us. I keep emptying the container so that I don’t stagnate. If you do not empty what you have received, that which is stored in you will stagnate like stagnated water and cause you more harm than good.


Since everything that we have today is what we have received so I cannot give without receiving and I cannot receive more without giving. Most of us know how to give but we are bad receivers. Understand this, that universe has chosen you as a tool for both receiving and giving. It has nothing to do with being a good person or not. It is aligning to the Laws of the Nature.


One quote that I read up recently was of Sam Ewing An American Baseball Player, he said “we are all born into the world with nothing, everything we acquire after that is profit”.


Now how is this relevant to stock market trading? In trading, we continuously strive to receive and be profitable but are you a good receiver? The market takes back the profits as well and when it does, are you a good giver? When the giving away your money to market (loss) what is your emotion and when you are receiving (profit) what is your emotion? Does guilt, pride, fear and anxiety take over at these times. If so, you may not be a good receiver and giver.


The key to be good at both is to do it with neutrality. What you Give is Yours to Receive!!!


Get on to Neutral Trading.