Do you think that you are making money at the cost of Someone Else?

The popular thoughts on markets are that it is risky, it is a gamble, one needs lots of money, deep knowledge to succeed in the market. While some of these thoughts are more myths but the fact remains that the markets have its fair share of ups and downs. So while I say this there are always people making money and some losing money. It is not that a person makes money all the time. There are times when the same person could have made money but also ends up losing money. It is up to every individual how much money we lose and leave the profits to the market.


Around late 2018 or early 2019, when I had started trading, in the initial days I made a lot of profits. I fell sick for a few days and could not actively follow the system and ended up losing all my profits. Though there was no capital erosion I was a bit disappointed in losing the profits made. The feeling was short lived as I start to train my mind more to surrender to the market and not really be bogged down with "in time" results.


In a similar, scenario, during COVID when the equity markets crashed , I was still able to make my profits. I had only surrendered to the system during this period. I would accept that was a slight bit of guilt and asked my self "is it right on my part" but due to our mindset training of emotionally detaching ourselves from the profits and losses of the market was able to surrender and continue just follow the trend and sticking to the system


What is very important in our tryst with the market that I practice is I follow a system that is suited to my style of working and is in total sync with my money mentality. Once we have designed a particular system after having understood oneself you need to follow it or rather surrender to it. The rest we leave it up to the market. Nobody can predict the market or drive the market. Now many a times we have this question – Am I making money because someone else is losing ? Am I the cause for his downfall?? Of course not….. It is always open and there for the taking. Once you deploy a system and following it what you are doing is training the mind to emotionally detach from the results of trading. Eventually profit or loss just become an outcome of the system deployed and hence you are emotionally detached from either profits or Loss.

Your ultimate gain from the stock market is your reward for having surrendered to the stock market.