Desire Mindset

Are You Trading What You Desire?

Do You have desires? Do you strive to fulfill it? Or do you believe Desire is the root cause of all Evil.


Let’s examine If desire is the source of misery and if so,how should one alienate it from one’s life?

As per Rig Veda the cosmos emerged from the seed of desire, A person desires to be born because he or she wants to enjoy worldly pleasures. The energy that you may understand to mean as desire could mean life for someone else. The life energy and desire are one and the same. Is Desire then source of misery or unfulfilled desire is the source of all misery. Fulfilled desires on the contrary are a source of joy.


So, what do you want to do with your Desire? Do you want to destroy it or nurture it? Just observe this paradox. If you want to kill all your desires, all you are doing is having a desire to destroy all your desires. This is just a vicious circle of fulfilled and unfulfilled desires. You will stay eternally unfulfilled and continue thinking that Desire is the cause of your misery.


From my understanding and experience, desire is the central theme of our existence.

‘Desire’ derives from the Latin desiderare, ‘to long or wish for’, which itself derives from de sidere, ‘from the stars’, suggesting that the original sense is ‘to await what the stars will bring’.


So, what did the supreme Energy actually desire?  Did He desire only to create or did He desire the destruction as well?

I feel the supreme energy has two desires: the desire to unfold His creations to give them form and set them into action; and the other desire is to refold His forms and take them back to Him for rest and resurrection so that they may repeat their action. That is the basis of this entire creation – the two desires of Supreme, “to act, to create, and to take back for re-creation”.


If you observe everything in and around us, it is divided into pairs of opposites: like breathing in and breathing out, action and rest, light and dark, negative and positive, up and down, high and low, birth and death, clock-wise and anti-clockwise and so on. So,there is always a duality and that is the nature of existence. Even physics says that – every action has a reaction.


Now, how is all this related to Stock Trading?

Trading taught me that I was dealing with desire all wrong. My desire to earn money and enjoy the fruits of money and help people, or achieve whatever vision lead to another desire i.e.,my trade has to be profitable, my business has to make a lot of money. If my trades in short run was not profitable, I would slip back into the age-old conditioning “be content with what you have, don’t aspire for more than what you know, do not do this, this is not for you” all kinds of things.  All the time I was trying to control my desire and was wasting my precious life energy.


Do you go through similar turmoil?

Earlier on I said Desire and Life energies are the same, so If desire is life, why should we seek to control desire? Doesn’t it mean we are trying to control life which is a futile thing to do. It dawned on me that desire is natural, it is normal and this life exists in duality and this duality is the other side of the same coin called Life. You cannot avoid either sides of this coin if you wish to have the coin with you.


In Trading, we have wins and defeats or rather profits and losses. Not all trades will be profitable. Losses are the other side of Profits. You don’t have to be dreading losses or 

looking forward for profits. Understand you are operating from your desires and the profits and losses are only steps towards fulfilling your desires.


If you are in acceptance of this, the desire will lead to thoughts which in turn will lead to emotions and finally to take action. Find out what is your deepest desire, money is only a by-product of fulfilling your desire. Dig deep explore within and be in touch with your desire which is a never-ending fuel for your actions.

As a trader knowing your desire, will shape your entire trading as a business and the way you end up trading and driving home the profits.


Practice the following:

  • Dig deep and know your desire and accept it. It’s the key.
  • Nurture your desire and don’t brush it aside. At times of losses, your desires will keep you going.
  • Market knows more and it has its own intelligence which is bigger than ours, follow the market and it will lead you to your desire.
  • Be aware that trading is a means to fulfilling your desire and not the end.

Live a life full of desires and trade with full of actions.