Reliance – Which Way?

Reliance – Which Way? Reliance has declared a good results for the Q4 and for the FY 2021-22. However, it appears that they have not been able to meet the forecasts which they had declared for the quarter. Looking at the technical charts, Reliance had hit all time high two weeks ago at 2856.15 which […]

India and Global Markets – Where is it heading?

India and Global Markets – Where is it heading? Are we heading into a bearish market? This is one of the frequent questions which I get from many of our students…. Thought will try to provide my view of the market situation. Let us start at a macro level to begin with. Looking at the […]

NIFTY, CRUDEOIL and Market Volatility

NIFTY, CRUDEOIL and Market Volatility Crude Oil has broken 10 Years high, INR is at all time weak in comparison to USD. War situation at play……… However, markets are not cracking up  Is this all a made-up bubble which is going to burst anytime and market continue its up move?               […]

Gratitude – The key to Success in Trading

Gratitude – The key to Success in Trading Are you grateful for what you are today?  I have heard many people telling that being in gratitude for what you have is the puts you in the path of richness and being abundant. What does being thankful and grateful got to do with being rich and […]

Achieving and Success Mindset

Achieving and Success Mindset How would it be if whatever you set out to achieve is achieved and you become successful?  Would you like to know how to do it all the time?   You don’t have to run behind success. You become successful as an outcome of doing something and that something is achieving. […]

Love Mindset

Love Mindset Are You Trading With Love Frequency? Does Love need a reason? Love definitely needs the presence of an external environment, so does any emotion. But what it does not need is a justification. If you google Love, it says – Love is great interest and pleasure in something. An Intense feeling of deep […]

Desire Mindset

Desire Mindset Are You Trading What You Desire?   Do You have desires? Do you strive to fulfill it? Or do you believe Desire is the root cause of all Evil.   Let’s examine If desire is the source of misery and if so,how should one alienate it from one’s life? As per Rig Veda […]


Give2RECEIVE How many of you think that, If I am a good person I have to give more? We have grown up with values that tell us that our hand should always and always be that of giving hand. Does it mean receiving is not good? Or is receiving not as important as giving?   […]