Achieving and Success Mindset

How would it be if whatever you set out to achieve is achieved and you become successful? 

Would you like to know how to do it all the time?


You don’t have to run behind success. You become successful as an outcome of doing something and that something is achieving. “Success is the by-product of Achieving”. In the past, one of my biggest quests was to be successful and I kept chasing success, I kept dreaming about success, I used many tools and techniques like visualisation, affirmation etc., and kept imagining my success. But I did not taste success the way I wanted to.

 Do you have a similar problem? What is the reason for this? How do we overcome this?

All of these tools work and they work wonderfully, but the catch in this aspect is to understand that there is a gap between knowing and being, between planning and completing, between dreaming and being successful. This gap can only be filled by achieving. This was one of my biggest realisations, when I was doing all that I had to but was not seeing the results.


Now, the question is what is this ‘achieving’ and how can one keep achieving?


If you notice, the word ‘achieving’ is a verb. It means achieving is to DO.

Google defines it as “successfully bring about or reach (a desired objective or result) by effort, skill, or courage”. The key word in here is effort. Success happens when you achieve something and to achieve is to do and to do is to take “ACTION”.


The gap which I referred to above can be filled in by ACTION and only action to be successful. It’s this action which will translate the knowing into being. All of us know tons of knowledge and we keep loading ourselves up with more knowledge or information. All of this is of absolutely no use if right action is not taken to translate that knowledge into success. One has to be an achiever in taking action. It’s said that there are more life transforming ideas buried in a grave yard that in the living world and that’s because all those ideas were never acted upon.


So now, how do you get into action mode whenever you want to?


The ability to take action in our Indian culture is referred to as “Chittha”. One has to work on improving the chittha so you get into action mode. What is this chittha? Let me give you an example. Let’s consider you want to bungee jump and for that you are all excited and you make all the preparations to reach the spot, register for it, get the safety instructions and sign the papers. Now, it’s time and you walk up to the ramp, get strapped up and it’s all ready for you to take the leap. At this moment most people will back off. You see many people who do everything up until this, but right at the last moment when it’s time to take action, they back off. This ability to take action under all circumstances, no matter what it-is is called chittha.


Working on just this one thing will make you an ‘outperformer’. In my experience it’s not required to have a lot of knowledge, rather it’s the ability to take massive action even when you have limited knowledge that what makes you become successful. So, the mindset of a successful person is the mindset of an achiever, and the only way you get that is by cultivating the ability to take action to improve your ‘chittha’.


Here are few simple steps to improve your chittha and make you an action taker:

  • The start of the day is a very important key. As you wake up take the first action of the day, it could be as simple as folding your blanket.
  • Have small, simple and clear actions. Break it up into small activities.
  • Don’t do too many things at the same time; it’s not about multitasking, it’s about having a series of small actions that can be easily completed.
  • Reward yourself after every completed action. Reward could be something small like listening to your favourite music or treating yourself with your favourite food.
  • Keep a view on the end result or outcome of all the actions. This will keep you motivated to keep taking actions.
  • Take stock of things and set realistic targets.
  • Celebrate the success.

As a trader, being an achiever is one of the key traits for success. You may have had back to back losses, but do you still have the ability to take the next trade without having any baggage of all the previous losses. A successful trader does not have many strategies. Even a single strategy can make you immensely successful if you take action even when odds are against you.


Take Actions, Have an Achievers Mindset and You fall into being Successful.